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Pre-Primary (3-6yrs)

The Pre-Primary Montessori program is a culmination of the preparatory work done during the first two years, and covers the four major categories: Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, and Mathematics. Other areas with materials include art, music, history, science, and geography.
During the third year, everything the child has been doing for the past two years comes to maturity, resulting in exciting leaps in reading, writing, and math concepts. The child often bursts forth into reading effortlessly, avidly, writing stories from real life, imagination and dreams, and abstracting mathematically. In the third year of Montessori school, a child brings together his practical life and sensorial experiences in botany, geometry, and geography to an intellectual level, a level of conscious understanding, meaningful relatedness. For example, the wonderful series of puzzles that a child enjoys in the first two years become continents of countries in the third year. The geometric shapes that he traced, matched, cut out and named in the first two years have parts and definitions in the third year. The botanical parts that he colored and labeled during the first two years have functions in the third year. 

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