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Lakeview Montessori on the Hill has been established to provide a quality Montessori program in cooperation with the child, the family, the neighborhood, the Montessori community, and the child-related professional community. LMS will provide the learning environment, guidance, and support which helps children develop the social, physical, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual aspects of their personalities. We view the ultimate goal of the learning experience as the construction of fully integrated human beings that can effectively contribute to society. Our society begins with the individual child, his home and neighborhood, and spreads to the world society.


LMS strives:

1.To develop skills and attitudes within the children that are necessary for them to become life long learners.

2.To provide learning experiences that will help children maximize their potential. 

3.To assist children in developing inner discipline, sense of order, concentration, coordination and independence. 

4.To provide opportunities for parental and community involvement. 

5.To advocate and facilitate parenting education. 

6.To provide mixed age environments based on the Montessori theory

of child development. 

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