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Clarissa Guidry

Director & Toddler Directress

Since 2005

AMI Credential 1988

CDA Credential 2012

Administrator Credential 2005 

Gail McAdams

After School Program Coordinator

Assistant Director

Since 2008

TSU Bachelor of Science

in Education 1997

Anna Beach
Primary Lead Teacher
Since 2014
AMS Credential 3-6 2005
AMS Credential 6-9 2004
Master of Education
Xavier University 2004


Nadia Suastegui

Primary Assistant

Since early 2023

Natalie Lytle Pic.jpg

Natalie Lytle

Toddler Lead Teacher

Since January 2021

AMS Credential 2015

Jacqueline Aguirre Pic.jpg

Jacqueline Aguirre

Toddler Assistant

Since early 2023


Dessalyn Thibideaux-Allen


Since 2018

Resident Student

 Child Psychology

In Loving Memory...
Larry Guidry
Substitute Director 

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